YouTube celebrity Lena the Plug let best friend sleep together with her boyfriend

YouTube celebrity Lena the Plug let best friend sleep together with her boyfriend

It was certainly one of NZH life’s many stories that are popular 2017

All women might become paranoid if their appealing closest friend showed a pastime within their guy – but one vlogger has made the strange choice to invite her bestie to the room using them.

Crazy Youtuber Lena Nersesian from Los Angeles, California, referred to as Lena The Plug, has published a video clip describing why she allow her to friend that is best enter into sleep along with her boyfriend Adam.

“I trust Emily and thought this could be variety of enjoyable, ” Lena stated. ‘Girls share their stories that are sexual one another, buddies tell one another every thing.

“Emily’s seen photos of Adam’s d***, she understands exactly about our sex-life we tell her every thing. Now I do not need to inform her, she can simply decide to try his penis. “

The clip has been seen nearly seven million times and has sparked a debate that is huge, with commenters branding their actions “sad”.

In a clip called “We allow My closest friend have intercourse With My Boyfriend”, Lena is observed finding your way through a threesome with her buddy as they take a seat on her sleep within their underwear.

Lena and Emily admit they have possessed a threesome together before and state they wish to “share” Adam’s penis in the X-rated and clip that is expletive-laden.

“I been seeing Adam for some months therefore we are both intimately pretty available to having other girls join, it really is variety of strange and controversial to possess your very best buddy join, “‘ Lena stated. Read more